The Best Mobile Car Apps for You

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a road trip, monitoring your kids driving, or trying to keep your car maintained; there are tons of mobile apps on the market that cover every single one of your needs. Here are our top 3!

1. Gas Buddy

“It’s saved me more on gas than anything else I have tried”. That’s because not only does GasBuddy help you find cheap gas wherever you are - it’s free! So if you’re looking to save money and you’re in an unknown location this is the best way to find cheap gas. I’ve even used it in my home city and found cheaper gas located closer to me!

2. My Max Speed

If you suspect your children have been driving your car recklessly or just want to be responsible and keep an eye on their driving habits, then this free app is for you. My Max speed logs a car’s data every five minutes to know the location and speed your car is moving at. You can even set boundaries and get notifications if the car leaves the area!

3. Waze

Waze has taken the internet and GPS industry by storm. There’s a good reason Google paid over 1 billion dollars to purchase it. This GPS app knows where traffic jams, accidents, cheap gas, and police officers are - all through reports by its users. It’s been proven to provide the most efficient route every time you drive for a near seamless trip.

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