About US

CarLoverAdvice.com is our newest sweepstakes website for both car enthusiasts and sweepers looking to make some extra cash. Who are we? We have nearly two decades of experience in sweepstakes - our sites have given away tens of thousands of dollars, so we really know sweepstakes! One thing we do know is that sweepstakers love cash. That is why all of our prizes are redeemable through a cash option whether that be us mailing you a check, sending a PayPal option, or if you are an Amazon user we can send you gift cards to your email address.

The great thing about CarLoverAdvice.com is that someone will definitely win a prize, so why shouldn’t that person be you? We'll be giving away prizes every month and as we continue to grow thanks to your support we'll be adding more and more! All we ask is that you provide a valid email address so we can reward the prize should you win. Since your email address is the only way we can get in touch with you, it’s of the utmost importance that you make sure you are entering a valid email and you check frequently for potential winner announcements.

Thanks for reading a little about us. We hope you have a little better idea on how things work. Good luck!

CarLoverAdvice Team