Buying a Car

The car buying process has become complex - with little trust in car dealers and different models and brands to choose from - buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions you will be making in your life. It’s important you get it right. You can get it right by doing research and reading...

Financing your Car

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle one way of obtaining that dream car is through financing. Financing comes in two forms that we will break down for you: direct lending and dealership financing.

Checking Your Oil

One of the most, if not the most, important thing you can do to make your car engine last is to conduct proper oil maintenance. If your vehicle's oil warning light ever alerts you, it’s crucial that you have it checked out immediately before it causes a detrimental problem to your car’s engine....

Checking Your Tire Symptoms

Cracking and bulging, cupping, heel-toe, feathering - tires problems go way beyond just flat. Understanding your tires is a great way to understand the overall maintenance of your vehicle, like symptoms of a greater problem.

Rideshare Companies

When Logan Green visited his girlfriend at the University of California i’m sure he had no idea that the implications of that visit would lead to the most seismic shift in transportation since the taxi was introduced into transportation. Logan’s visit was the inspiration for the company Lyft....

Car Subscriptions

While new, car subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular as more people learn about them. For those of us unfamiliar with car subscriptions, they provide an alternative to leasing and buying a car. Just like any other subscription service, vehicle subscriptions allow you to sign up for and...

Dashcams = Insurance

How many times have been driving when something unbelievable happened? A car door opens and a bicyclist flips over it, a driver does an awful and dangerous maneuver, or you see something that is so crazy words can’t describe. Dashcams provide first-hand evidence for each of these scenarios and...

Extended Car Warranties: You Should Know

If you’re in the process of purchasing a new or used car, you’ll probably soon be offered an extended warranty on your vehicle. It’s best to understand what the warranty covers and if it’s worth it.

The Best Mobile Car Apps for You

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a road trip, monitoring your kids driving, or trying to keep your car maintained; there are tons of mobile apps on the market that cover every single one of your needs. Here are our top 3!

Leasing a Car

Leasing a car might seem like a scary process, but when you lease you’re taking control of your budget. Leasing results in lower monthly payments than taking out a loan and more flexibility in the car you want to drive. When looking to lease a new vehicle it’s important to explore the options....

Maintaining Your Engine’s Air Filter

How often should you be replacing your vehicle’s air filter? Well, it certainly depends. The usage, model, and typical driving conditions all have an effect on when you should change your filter.

Top 5 Maintenance Tips

Want to turn your car into a classic? Every year and every mile you drive your car slowly loses value, but it doesn’t have to. By maintaining your car you’re increasing it’s lifespan and long term value. Doing this is as simple as following sage maintenance advice from the professionals. Follow...

Car Rental Mistakes

If you find yourself at the rental agency anytime soon - this is the blog to refer to! While rental agencies are great and useful for the purposes, we want to make sure you’re not making some common mistakes.

Car Insurance

Have you ever had trouble distinguishing the difference between insurances such as liability, personal injury, collision, comprehensive and more? Here well organize the different types of insurance so you can better understand what you’re paying for.

The History of Electric Cars

To begin, we’re going back to the mid 1800’s, over 50 years before Ford’s Model T. The history of exactly who and when created the first electric car becomes blurred, but what we do know is that across the world three men - Anyos Jedlik, Vermont Thomas Davenport, and Sibrandus Stratingh - all...