Car Rental Mistakes

If you find yourself at the rental agency anytime soon - this is the blog to refer to! While rental agencies are great and useful for the purposes, we want to make sure you’re not making some common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Purchasing insurance

(Please note this may not be a mistake!) The reason this might be a mistake is that your own insurance may already cover your rental. This is something that you will need to check with your insurance, but there’s no point in getting more if you’re already covered.

Mistake #2: Prepaying for gas

When you prepay for gasoline you’re also overpaying! Rental agencies are making money by saving you a trip to the gas station, of course if you would rather skip the station and spend a little more then you should prepay. If your itinerary is set and you can plan to fill up your tank before returning your car then it’s worth saving the extra money.

Mistake #3: Not using membership rewards

There are a number of perks that you may be enrolled in that can benefit you when renting a car. AAA, AARP, and other organizations you are a member in could help lower your rental costs. Check out their websites or cards you’ve received from organizations you’re a member of.

Mistake #4: Not inspecting your car

Taking two minutes to film or take pictures of your vehicle when you first pick it up and last drop it off may save you a headache down the road. Some ‘phantom’ scratches may appear if you don’t have proof. Mistakes happen and it’s best to cover yourself with proof if there’s ever a dilemma.

These tips are here to help save you money! There’s no sense in overpaying. It’s also important to look around for the best deals from different rental agencies if you have time. Prices may reflect the demand and some rental agencies offer upgrades when there is low demand at little to no extra cost.

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