Rideshare Companies

When Logan Green visited his girlfriend at the University of California i’m sure he had no idea that the implications of that visit would lead to the most seismic shift in transportation since the taxi was introduced into transportation. Logan’s visit was the inspiration for the company Lyft. After he felt uncomfortable using Craigslist to find rides from unknown drivers, he built a company that connected drivers and people systematically. Thus introducing ridesharing.

Since 2012 when Logan came up with the idea for Lyft, a number of companies follow suit. Most notably Uber. Uber has since established itself as a dominant force in the marketplace. While Uber and Lyft have a stronghold on the rideshare market - there are alternatives. Other services exist, although are limited to certain areas. For example there is Via. Via offers rides in NYC, Chicago, and Washington D.C. Via is similar to a carpool rather than a personal ride service - taking multiple customers in the same direction, but ultimately to their destination. Another company that was exists solely in NYC and parts of New Jersey is Juno. Juno prides itself on taking lower commissions than Uber and Lyft and only accepts former drives that meet a high standard.

Whether you use or are employed by a ridesharing company there is no doubt that the introduction of ridesharing has disrupted the way transportation is done. Ridesharing has made many people’s lives easier, similar to the taxi. While there are a number of criticisms of ridesharing, the benefits are also apparent. Being able to call a driver from anywhere at any time, for a reasonable price puts the choice to travel in your hands.

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